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What Is SnapTV?

We are a media company run entirely on Snapchat - we’re putting the content you love in the place you love. Our platform is focused on empowering content for the female millennial.

Want to be a Host?

All of our shows feature awesome people doing awesome things. From Trish Ignacio to Dr. Miami to Greg O'Gallagher, we entertain and engage millennials through takeovers and original content. As a host, you'll be able to remotely takeover the channel for a day to share your story and engage our global community.

Shoot us an email to join the movement and share your talent/personality/brand with us!

Our Mission

We believe Snapchat is the future of entertainment and we're here to make it happen. The numbers don't lie – 10B video views per day and over 150M daily users. We're bringing together influencers, content creators, and the greater Snapchat community to collectively direct our show – truly for the people by the people.

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